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Saturday, Jan 21, 2017
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Be sure to check out our blogs below that cover many aspects of caring for your dog, including the truth about commercial food, why it could be causing problems as well as some of the great, healthy things that can keep your beloved friend healthy and happy.

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Make Your Own Healthy Dog Treats & Snacks

Give Your Pooch Some Healthy Dog Treats That Will Enhance His Health

I started making healthy dog treats & snacks for Oscar because he needed some extra herbs and spices added and it was too much adding them to his normal food; too overpowering.

healthy dog treats

So, I started putting them into snacks that I knew would be beneficial to him. It also helped his stomach and digestive system having a steady supply of food, that encouraged his digestive tract to keep working in the way it should.

We all like to treat our dogs too, and making your own is a great way of knowing you’re actually doing them good, not harm. Oscar likes raw food, but it’s a bit hard to take that out and about! Lightly cooking the snacks, it’s a healthy compromise.

The ‘firmer’ snacks are great for training rewards, rather than bought biscuits that are just loaded with sugar and flour (which will harm you dog over time).

You can get your free download of our Beginners Guide to making Healthy Dog Treats here.

So, give your dog a snack or two – full of goodness and love :)

Raw Feeding Dogs v’s Feeding Cooked Food

Raw Feeding Dogs V’s Feeding Cooked Food

Veterinarian Dr Bruce Syme explains the problems with what he terms as ‘Mc Dog Food’ and why he changed to raw feeding dogs after what he started seeing as a professional.

Earliest records of canids (dogs) date back 38 million years, commercial, cooked food started in the 60’s…

Cooked, dried food was originally proposed as an option and a ‘backup’ to a dogs diet, but it’s now the staple and only food a lot of modern dogs get. Find out exactly – the scientific reason – why you may be condemning your dog to a life of ill-health if you feed processed, commercial food.

A few musings about raw feeding dogs V’s processed food

* Dogs can’t cook, never have been able to, and probably will never be able to – so what makes us think that Continue reading

Raw Meaty Bones For Dogs – 3 Reasons

3 Top Reasons For Feeding Raw Meaty Bones To Dogs

raw meaty bonesLast week we talked about the 3 rules to feeding your dog raw meaty bones, today we give you 3 top reasons why it’s a good idea.

Again, Dr Bruce Syme, a well renowned vet in Australia, who is a great raw food advocate, lays it out very clearly…

Reason #1 – It’s like tooth brushing for your dog – a natural toothbrushing. While they munch on chewable bones and cartilage, it massages their teeth and gums and helps to remove Continue reading

Raw Meaty Bones For Dogs – 3 Rules

3 Top Rules To Feeding Raw Meaty Bones To Dogs

IMG_2288Feeding raw meaty bones is great for your dog, on so many levels.

Here’s a few rules from Dr Bruce Syme, an Australian vet, who’s a big advocate of the raw diet, so much so, he now produces his own food.

Rule #1 – ALWAYS raw and never cooked. Cooking changes the molecular structure and the bones become undigestible. They also become more brittle, can break or shatter and can cause damage to your dog’s gut.

Rule #2 – Match the size of bone to your Continue reading

Synflex For Pets

Protect Your Dog’s Joints With Synflex For Pets

SynFlex USASynflex is a breakthrough product in the world of osteoarthritis, joint pain and cartilage degeneration. I think this stuff is great. I did quite a bit of research about what supplements there were available for arthritis when Oscar was diagnosed when he was around 5 years old and this seemed hands-down the best. It improves mobility, reduces articular joint pain, assists in rehabilitating damaged cartilage and reduces inflammation.

It was no surprise that some of the best stuff I found was from America and I had to pay a fortune get it shipped over here. But it was worth it and now you can get it from UK suppliers.

>>>>Click here to go to the US/Overseas site<<<<

>>>>Click here to go to the UK site<<<<

What’s in Synflex for Pets? Continue reading

Raw Food Suppliers

Want To Find A Company Supplying Raw Food?

raw feeding dogsWhen I haven’t had the time to make my own raw food for Oscar, I have used bought food already made up. These companies below supply food made with human-grade meat (which is important). I have used a few of these mentioned below myself, the others I have researched and believe their products to be of good quality.

Most can be ordered online as well as purchasing from smaller, independent pet food retailers.

At the time of writing this post, these mentioned below are the ones I have so far had personal experience with. You may want to check out our Raw Food Suppliers page where I’m sure you’ll find Continue reading

The Truth About Your Dog’s Food

The Truth About Your Dog’s Food… (Or not, as the case may be)

Channel 5I waited with eager anticipation for the programme from Channel 5 – The Truth About Your Dog’s Food…At last, I thought, a bit of awareness for the masses…but I was left slightly unsatisfied, rather like after, I suspect, having a meal of kibble…

(You can watch it by clicking here until the 19th Jan ’14)

It did go some way to cover a few different ways we feed our dogs in this country and brought up some of the issues with commercial, processed food, which was great. It had some intelligent people on it and to be fair, had a balanced approach, didn’t Continue reading

5 Tips – How To Keep Your Dogs Coat Glossy And Shiny

How To Keep Your Dogs Coat Glossy & Shiny – Could Raw Feeding Dogs Help?

Glossy CoatsBelow are 5 Tips on how to keep your dogs coat glossy and shiny.

The outside is always a reflection of what’s going on inside your dogs’ body (and yours for that matter) and it all starts with the diet and what’s going on in the gut.

The gut is the hub of activity, and all nutrients and goodies are used by the body after they’re digested, so keeping it healthy with the right diet is the first port of call.

Tip 1 – Raw Feeding Dogs
A raw diet is a species appropriate diet. I other words, it’s what your dogs’ digestive system is used to and giving them processed food on a daily basis will stress the organs as the body tries really, really hard to extract nutrients from the food.

So, if your dogs’ coat is dull and dandruffy, it could be that Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year To Everyone!

NewYearDogI just wanted to say a Happy New Year to everyone here and wish the best for you and your pooches.

I know for a few of us 2013 hasn’t been the best year to date and a few of you have struggled with the loss of one or more of your beloved family – humans and dogs alike…

So, may 2014 be a year of growth, love and fulfilment. Remember to look after the physical and mental health of your animal families too. Like children, dogs rely on us to look after them and do our best by them. Be vigilant, be mindful of what you feed them and have fun!

To your dogs health and yours!

Sarah, Oscar and the OO Team :)

Constipation On A Raw Diet?

Raw Feeding Dogs – Can They Get Constipation?

Constipation on a raw dietI was with a friend yesterday and talking about raw feeding dogs and ‘stools’ – not the variety you sit on, unfortunately, but those produced by our beloved dogs!

On our walk we came across a ‘deposit’ that was (and sorry if this is grossing you out) strangely orange in colour, smelly, sloppy and fairly huge. Our conclusion?  Well, left by a dog fed anything other than raw, that was for certain!  Whether it was kibble or wet, it was commercial and obviously full of colourings.

You can tell a raw fed dogs’ stool a mile off, in so much as they are usually well formed, a ‘natural’ colour, pretty much odourless, sometimes ‘crumbly’ from all the bones and normally a lot less is produced as the digestive system is able to pull out more, good, usable nutrition.  All together, a fantastic indication that your dogs gut is in good order.

There’s a more in-depth post below that popped in my inbox, coincidentally, this week from BARF World – a great source of trusted raw foods. Continue reading